7. Disposing of Your Tires Before They Are Worn Out

This is the most common scam that happens every single day. When you take your car in for servicing, they tell you that you need new tires when you don’t. You may have more than 50% of your tread left. Then they sell you new tires, charge you a disposal fee for the used tires, and then sell your used tires to someone else. They triple dip on you, and you won’t know the wiser unless you know how your tires look and how to assess them. Most of the time, they tell you that you need new tires, your car is already up on a lift and doesn’t take you back to see the tread wear.
The best question is how much tread depth is left on my tire (new car tires start around 10/32 of an inch, and trucks start between 12 -14/32 of an inch). If they tell you 2/32 of an inch, well, that’s legally bald, and you should replace it. Anything 5/32 and above is still safe for tread depth, and you should ask them if anything else is wrong with the tire.
The prospect of buying used tires is already a dangerous business, with scammers out there who don’t care about what they sell you. When I’m buying tires near me, I only deal with places and people I can trust and The best tires brands like GoodyearFord tiresFirestone. Stay away from unknown Walmart tire brands. Open Next Page To See More Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know…